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At Wyoming Trust Company, we’re the right fit for independent people looking for trust and estate services. As an independent trust company, our vision is to be part of flexible and results-driven strategies and services that protect you and your clients’ legacy.

Based in Wyoming, we work closely with clients and professionals of all backgrounds.

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Getting Started

Are you new to trusts and estate planning? Before getting started, learn more about independent trust companies, what we do and the benefit of choosing Wyoming.



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Why is Wyoming a top choice for estate planners & independent investors?

Trustee & Estate Services


Whether you’re looking to begin the estate planning process or are already protecting your legacy, our team is ready to assist with the process.

Independent & Professional Trustee Services

When you desire trust planning that is independent as you are, Wyoming Trust Company will be there to help you create and administer flexible strategies. We personalize our services to meet every client’s unique needs and goals.

Trust Administration Services

Understanding how to manage and safeguard your trust property, whether that be real estate, securities, life insurance, or any other type of asset, can be challenging and intimidating. At Wyoming Trust Company, we help our clients navigate the trust administration process and provide the flexibility they need while adhering to fiduciary standards.

We’ll work closely with you, your financial advisor, and estate planner to fulfill your objectives, optimize your strategies, and achieve your goals by:

  • Assigning a dedicated trust officer to coordinate all trust-related activities
    Conducting sales of assets to generate distribution proceeds
  • Holding assets for safekeeping & promptly collecting income and principal for credit
  • Issuing statements that reflect distributions, transactions, asset activity, & market values
  • Managing trust assets in a tax-sensitive manner
  • Upholding standards of fairness, accountability & professionalism

Probate & Estate Services

Executing and overseeing the last will and testament of a loved one can be a burdensome process. Wyoming Trust Company provides our clients with the resources, expertise, and commitment to handle all aspects of probate and estate settlement. Whether we’re appointed as a personal representative, an executor, or the Trustee in a revocable trust, we’re ready to assist you and your family during this sensitive time. We work to manage, protect, and enhance the client’s estate while minimizing the burden on family and heirs.

Our probate and estate services include:

  • Collection, inventory, valuation & distribution of estate assets
  • Estate, inheritance & fiduciary income tax preparation
  • Real estate services (insurance review, bill payment, maintenance & sales arrangements)
  • Liquidity management
  • Coordination with client advisors for asset distribution to beneficiaries

Private Family Trust Company

Wyoming Trust Company provides a tailored scope of services to assist PFTC in its operations – whether regulated or lightly regulated under Wyoming law. PFTC clients select the level of assistance it needs, which can include:

  • Establishing the Private Single Family Trust Company
  • Foundational Services for Single Family Trust Company
  • Assist in Developing Trust Company Policies/Procedure
  • Trust Administration Agent
  • Accounting for Trusts

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