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Why Choose Us?

With Wyoming Trust Company, our clients receive chartered and regulated services from a professionally trained and experienced staff. We’re bonded, insured, and comply with complex trust administrative laws. We focus on providing flexibility when it comes to asset protection, investments, trust administration, and wealth management.

If you’re an investment professional, we can provide the comprehensive services your clients need to fulfill their objectives and achieve wealth management success.

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Why Wyoming Trust Company

Choice of Trustee

What are the advantages of choosing a private trust company?

As a private trust company, we function as an independent and impartial third party to address the disparate needs and interests of families. We’re regulated by the Wyoming Banking Commission, and our approach ensures:

  • Objective execution of trust provisions
  • Regular correspondence & communication with client’s beneficiaries and advisors
  • Protection of the status of exemption/family trusts
  • An ability to coordinate professional resources to address complex trust issues
  • Mediation of conflicts that may arise to minimize family friction

Jurisdiction of Choice

How is Wyoming a trust-friendly jurisdiction?

There are immense opportunities and advantages for estate planners and independent investors in Wyoming. For starters, Wyoming does not assess state income, estate, or inheritance taxes. In Wyoming, individuals can create and administer multi-generational trusts, trust investments, asset protection trusts, and more. Wyoming is also internationally-recognized for its continual adoption of trust legislation.

Directed Trusts

How do we work in accordance with the terms of a directed trust?

Unlike other trust companies, we do not provide brokerage services or actively invest your client’s money in our own predetermined funds. Rather, we help each client achieve their financial goals and fulfill flexible, results-driven investment strategies. We adhere to fiduciary standards and work with each client’s chosen financial advisor and estate planning professionals to help them invest, protect their assets, and accumulate more wealth.

We charge for our trust administrative services and we work in accordance with the terms of a directed trust. This charge is not based on the buying or selling of securities or other assets. We respect the existing relationships between clients and their financial advisors, brokers, CPAs, lawyers, or other estate planners. Your client’s investments are not lumped into a group or a type of investment chosen by an account manager that has no relationship with you or the Trustmaker. Asset allocation is determined by the Trustmaker’s trusted advisors.

Wyoming Trust Company is paid pursuant to a written fee agreement and does not receive hidden commissions or brokerage fees from brokers or asset managers generated by securities trading or asset sales.

Private Family Trust Company

What is our approach to private family trusts?

Wyoming Trust Company provides a tailored scope of services to assist PFTC in its operations – whether regulated or lightly regulated under Wyoming law. PFTC clients select the level of assistance it needs, which can include:

  • Establishing the Private Single Family Trust Company
  • Foundational Services for Single Family Trust Company
  • Assist in Developing Trust Company Policies/Procedure
  • Trust Administration Agent
  • Accounting for Trusts

Asset Protection Trusts

How can we protect your client’s assets? What is the “cowboy cocktail”?

When clients need help shielding their assets from creditors or judgments, we’re there to guide them through the asset-protection trust process. Wyoming is one of the few American states that allow individuals to protect their assets and continue to benefit from them. As a legal beneficiary under a domestic asset protection trust (DAPT, or qualified spendthrift trust) in Wyoming, you can protect what’s yours and reap the benefits of state income savings.

There are additional ways you can safeguard your assets. At Wyoming Trust Company, we administer a “cowboy cocktail”, which adds an extra layer of protection to your client’s assets by pairing their trust with a limited liability company in Wyoming.

Special Assets

What types of special assets do we handle?

Wyoming Trust Company provides professional management of all asset types, including:

  • Closely held LLCs, corporations, & partnerships
  • Residential real estate
  • Commercial real estate
  • Vacant land, ranch & farm assets
  • Oil, gas, & mineral property
  • Loan & note assets
  • Art & collectibles
  • Marketable securities
  • Copyrights & royalties

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